Our Favourite General Election Moments So Far

bristol brenda

One minute we’re stuffing our faces with sweet, glorious chocolate and the next, we’re back at work with a bump and there’s a surprise general election in June.

It’s been just two days since Theresa May’s unexpected announcement but already, there have been some stand-out moments that have had us laughing, clapping and, in the case of Brenda from Bristol, nodding in whole-hearted agreement.

There’ll be plenty to chat about over the coming weeks when it comes to Brexit, party policies and making sure your vote counts but for now, sit back and enjoy some of this pure election gold:

You’re joking! Not another one?!

Fabulous 75-year-old Brenda from Bristol was doorstepped by the BBC on her way to the shops and asked about May’s shock decision. Her gobsmacked cry of “You’re joking! Not another one?!” quickly went viral, with #BrendaForPM trending on social media. Her response to her overnight internet fame? “I can’t believe all this! This is absolutely weird. I don’t even know what trending means.” Watch her hilarious disbelief in the video above.

Pam Ayres pens a poem

Popular entertainer Pam Ayres penned a four-line ditty especially for the occasion, to the tune of nearly 2,500 likes.

She’s behind you!

You know that awkward moment when you’re talking about someone in the ladies, only to hear a loo flush and see them of all people emerge sheepishly from behind the door?

BBC reporter Nick Eardley got his taste of just that when Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon crept up behind him while he was filming a report on the challenges facing her party in the election. The look on his face when she put an arm around his shoulder is priceless.

Isn’t the truth that we cannot believe a single word she says?

Labour MP Yvette Cooper delivered the smackdown of PMQs on Wednesday when she put the following question to May:

“The prime minister said yesterday that she was calling a general election because parliament was blocking Brexit, but three-quarters of this parliament voted for Article 50 and two-thirds of the Lords voted for Article 50, so that’s not true, is it?

“A month ago she told her official spokesman to rule out an election and that wasn’t true either, was it? She wants us to believe that she is a woman of her word but isn’t the truth that we cannot believe a single word she says?”

Cooper, who many believe is a frontrunner to succeed Jeremy Corbyn as party leader, received a look that could kill from May, who swiftly delivered her own firmly-worded response. Both can be seen in this video:

Some of these have made us chortle but when it comes to voting, we’re deadly serious. Politics makes the world go round and although we sometimes moan like Brenda about it saturating the TV channels, more of it means more conversation, which can only be a good thing. Stay tuned for our guide on how to register to vote and make sure yours counts.

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