Tesco Becomes First Retailer To Pay Tampon Tax For Customers

Photo by Shutterstock

After stellar work reducing the cost of the morning after pill to provide more women with access to emergency contraception if they need it, Tesco has recently announced its plans to cut the price of almost 100 women’s sanitary products by 5 per cent.

The supermarket’s aim is to cover the cost of the “tampon tax” itself, rather than leave the burden to women in need. 

The retailer acknowledged that buying sanitary products was a “real struggle” for many of its customers.

Of course, the ideal scenario would be for the Government to scrap the “tampon tax” altogether. Sanitary items are a necessity during menstruation, not a luxury, and therefore should be exempt from levies. 

It would be better still if the rest of be UK made like Scotland and start giving free sanitary products to women on low income in a bid to eliminate period poverty once and for all.

Even so, here’s hoping Tesco are the first of many to realise that extorting women’s health problems does not make loyal customers out of us.

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