Some Terrible News About Your Favourite Chocolate Bars

Dairy Milk
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Remember that time you panic-bought an old school Toblerone and chewed your way through half of it in tears before you’d even gotten it home? And then they did this to it:

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 16.50.22

Well, that could be a far more frequent state of affairs, as it has been reported that several more chocolate bars are facing the chop.

Cadburys Dairy Milk, Kit Kats and even Mars Bars are among the confectionary favourites set to be shrunk by 20 per cent in order to meet new sugar reduction guidelines.

Chocolate tycoons are keen for their companies not to be ‘named and shamed’ in a new report by Public Health England on childhood obesity. The report is set to be published next month.

So until then, make like you’re playing Supermarket Sweep and start mainlining the sweets isle. While factoring in the fat, sugar and calorie content in with your recommended 2000 kcal intake. And your five a day. Sigh.

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