We Can’t Stop Staring At These Terrarium Eye Creations

terrarium eyes
Photo by Ellie Costello

Instagram is a seriously good tool for finding young, creative artists and giving them the public platform they deserve.

One such incredible talent is Ellie Costello, a 19-year-old British make-up artist for MAC and all-round beauty fanatic.

She’s created her own unique eye make-up trend by beautifully applying tiny flowers, leaves and gems to decorate eyelids and build what she calls ‘terrarium eyes’.

Speaking to Teen Vogue recently, she explained: “I’ve also always enjoyed incorporating a lot of colour into my creations, and using nature is a nice way to do it.

“I never like to pre-plan my looks, as I find when you create freely, you experiment a lot more and have a much more creative outcome.”

It turns out, its seriously catchy, too. Here are some of the best creations inspired by Ellie’s work:

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