Top Ten Totally Terrifying Make-Up Looks To Try This Halloween

Halloween make-up ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. And if you’re hoping to get ahead of the curve and get inspiration for your horrible Halloween make-up ideas, you’re in luck. We’ve scoured the ‘gram for you and found some of the best, most horrifying looks you can copy. From creepy Coraline characters, to bleeding eyes and IT, you’ll be nailing the scare-factor scale this October.

Halloween make-up ideas

It. We think this will be one of the biggest Halloween outfits this year and the make-up doesn’t look too awful to try either. All you need are red, black and white paints and you’re good to go.

Simple but effective. This knife-eye look packs a punch with minimal effort. Use fake blood rather than make-up for the drips to make it more realistic.

A pumpkin come devil? Whatever this is, it’s creepy. We love how the make-up continues down her neck and shoulders too for greater impact.

Coraline is a great source of Halloween make-up ideas. This look of ‘Wybie’ has been made using just black and white face paint and foundation so it won’t be costly either.

Dripping eyes and bleeding mouths make for easy go-to looks when All Hallow’s Eve rolls round.

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This melting face has a seriously creepy feel to it.

The classic Jigsaw from the Saw films. The movie still terrifies us and the make-up doesn’t look too intricate which we always welcome.

Black face paint and speckled fake blood really makes this look pop. It’s all in the detail because Lyss, below, has added a cross too and glitter!

An eyeball coming out of its socket. This one looks tricky to master but so worth it.

Use only black and white paint to make the look stand out. Add creepy contacts if you want to go all out.

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