These Gorgeous Fake Flower Tattoos Smell Like Roses

Tattly makes gorgeous temporary floral tattoos - some of which are scented (Tattly)

Glastonbury is just around the corner and festival fever is hotting up in the fashion and beauty world.

‘Glitter tears’ are predicted to this year’s hottest trend but with just weeks to go, along come scented temporary flower tattoos to steal the limelight.

Over on Pinterest, searches for these beauties are up 450% on last June, signalling that we should expect a tidal wave of tats in the field this summer.

Brooklyn-based temporary tattoo brand Tattly is driving the obsession with their stunning range featuring French botanical artist Vincent Jeannerot’s intricate watercolour designs.

What’s making these tats go viral, however, is their scent. Each one smells like the flower or herb it depicts, so you can waft around like a human poppy in the fields this summer. (Or a sprig of rosemary, but that doesn’t conjure up quite the same image).

These tats are ideal for the fickle-minded among us who regularly fantasise about getting a permanent inking, only to chicken out at the last minute over the whole ‘on your body for life’ thing.

They last for up to four days and are fully waterproof, meaning they shouldn’t washed away during the inevitable thunderstorm (this is Glastonbury not Coachella after all) and are printed with non-toxic vegetable-based ink and are vegan-friendly to boot.

They’re best placed on oil-free skin that does not stretch, and kept as clean as possible.

If flowers aren’t your thing, Tattly make scented candy bracelet tats designed by illustrator Julia Rothman too, so you can take it right back to the nineties in tribute to your favourite childhood treat. Or if you’re not bothered by the scent, there are over 700 other designs to choose from online.

The tats are shipped from New York, with a set of eight costing $18. The Bouquet Garni Set smells of fresh parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme while the Perennial Set is fragranced with the heady notes of fuchsia, poppy, ylang ylang and poplar wood.

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