Awesome Swimwear Campaign Only Features Un-retouched Women

Aerie Swimwear
Instagram/ Aerie

For as long as we can remember, advertising bosses have been telling us we wouldn’t buy their clothes if they didn’t stick them on ridiculously attractive, supernaturally slim models. Not only that, but the resulting photos would have to undergo thousands of pounds worth of advanced Photoshop techniques to remove every perceivable blemish. Especially when it comes to selling swimwear.

Well, this Instagram campaign by Aerie is proving how incredibly wrong they are.

The popular swimwear designers have decided only to use un-retouched women of various shapes and sizes to show off their designs – and they’ve had more than a little engagement from it, too.

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The new collection, called Happy Swim, has adopted the hashtag #AerieREAL to encourage customers to share images of them proudly wearing Aerie products.

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Its part of Aerie’s ‘Love The Swim You’re In’ campaign, which also raise money foe the National Eating Disorders Association in the US. For every image shared using the #AerieREAL hashtag, Aerie will donate $1 to NEDA.

Luckily, the line is also available in the UK via the American Eagle Outfitters site here.

Now if only more brands would take their responsibility for promoting healthy body image as seriously, we think the positive effect of using models we can relate to for their campaigns might just surprise them.

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