The Subtle GBBO Rainbow Cake Dig You Might Have Missed

GBBO contestant Kate, 29
GBBO contestant Kate, 29, from Merseyside

The battle of the ‘Great British Bake Off’s is about to begin, after Chanel 4 unveiled their contestants for the new look show starting this autumn. Not before they’ve stuck it to last year’s BBC version via the medium of cake, however.

Fans of the baking competition may remember the great gendered batter sexism storm of 2016. The BBC was widely criticised for promoting old-fashioned stereotypes when it released a promo of the contestants whisking blue or pink batter depending on whether they were male or female.

Well, there was no such un-PC shinanigans in the C4 promo, which saw its diverse group of baking hopefuls proudly wielding equal slices of rainbow cake, in a possible nod to LGBTQ+ support and gender neutrality.

Whether Noel Fielding et al will measure up to the might of Mel and Sue remains to be seen.

GBBO channel 4 presenters

But this year’s 12 contestants look particularly promising. They include GBBO’s oldest ever baker, 71-year-old Flo, Hong Kong-born molecular biologist Yan, cancer survivor Chris, 50, from Bristol, and the decidedly dishy Scottish architect Tom, 29, from Edinburgh.

The much-loved series returns to the air with a new broadcaster on Tuesday 29 August at 8pm.


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