The Best Way To Stop Fascists? With Glitter, According To This


What better way to counter hateful fascist rhetoric than by covering it in glitter?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Richard Spencer, the white supremacist who was famously punched on camera by a protester when he showed up to cause trouble at an anti-Trump protest.

Oddly, the event occurred as he led a protest against his former favourite leader, after President Trump launched a cruise missile strike on a Syrian airbase on Friday.

Photo of Richard Spencer by Getty

Alt-right protestors, together with Spencer, chanted, “We want walls, not war!” and waved signs that read, “No more wars for Israel”.

As usual, the alt-right march was met with counter anti-fascist protestors, who shouted “f**k white supremacy”. Amusingly, in a come back against alt right shouts of “make America great again” the anti-fascists responded: “Make America punch Richard again.”

According to footage of the event posted on social media, Spencer is accosted by a man who throws pink glitter in his face.

As one Twitter user phrased: “I just love the idea of Richard Spencer fleeing through the DC streets, hunted, disillusioned, and covered in glitter.”

The Independent reports that he flees the scene after being directed to a waiting taxi by a police officer. In a video posted following the protest, he then jokes that he hoped the driver had been punched by protestors after appearing to mock his Indian accent.

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Glitter doesn’t appear to have changed his racist mindset, but at least it got him out of the way quicker than a punch – and far less violently. After all, when have any of the world’s problems been solved with hate?

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