Starbucks get us drooling with the ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day drink

starbucks valentines

Starbucks are the coffee kings when it comes to holidays – and they’ve only gone and done it again!

With the Christmas cups long recycled, and pumpkin-spiced lattes a distant memory, a steaming hot sexy beast has emerged for Valentine’s Day.

And. It. Is. Immense.


Sod the loved ones, this is one thing you must get your hands on this 14 February.

Introducing the Molten Hot Chocolate range…consisting of either a warming hot chocolate or a delish frappé.

And what makes it so good, we hear you cry? The lovely barristers melt chocolate chips into mocha-infused milk before topping it with mocha-espresso whipped cream AND mocha-espresso drizzle.

Oh, and both drinks will be buy-one-get-one-free on Valentine’s Day itself.

Form an orderly queue, ladies – and don’t judge us for not sharing our BOGOF with our Valentines #caringisnotalwayssharing.

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