The Sneaky Way To Get Spotify Premium For Just £3 Per Month

There are few things in life worse than having your favourite tunes interrupted by adverts for some new app or insurance provider – except, maybe dropping your phone face down on the pavement. Now that really sucks.

If you’re a Spotify user, you’ll know all too well that you can’t get through more than about four songs without some annoying ad chiming in. Didn’t they realise you were just getting into the groove of your Disney hits playlist?! Honestly.

But what else are you suppose to do? At £10 a month, a Spotify Premium account just isn’t doable on your student budget. That’s enough for four VKs at your SU, and you’re not giving up your midweek sesh for anyone or anything.

However, there is another way to avoid the big monthly bill, which works especially well if you’re a student, living with mates or still at home with your family.

Spotify Premium For Family

Spotify now has a Spotify Premium for Family option, offering a joint account for five people for £14.99 per month. You get your own login, playlists, tunes and everything, and will never get chucked out so long as it’s only you using your own login details.

Now, let’s do the maths. If there are five of you willing to go in on this monthly subscription, you’ll each get access to the ad-free service for just £3 each per month, saving yourself a huge £7 every month on a standard Premium subscription price. That’s just £36 for the year, rather than the £120 it’d cost doing it alone.

Access all your fave tunes for cheap!

Share with your housemates, your siblings, or whoever the hell you want and it’ll work out a bargain for each and every one of you. Technically, you’re only meant to use the Family service if you all live at the same address, but hey, we won’t tell anyone…

You can even use your existing login to get started, so you don’t lose any of your saved tracks or playlists when you switch to your new subscription. Result!