Sorry Sparkle Lovers, But Glitter Might Be Banned Forever

The future may be glitter free (Shutterstock)
And it's for a very good reason.

There are many things we can’t imagine a life without – nuggets, eyeliner, Beyoncé, for starters – but we may soon have to live without one very, VERY important substance: glitter.

According to reports, scientists across the world are calling for the fine sparkle dust to be banned, and it’s actually for a very good reason. Used in everything from arts and crafts to makeup, glitter is actually made from tiny pieces of plastic, which often end up in the ocean. Marine life is then consuming the minute particles, majorly impacting their health and often resulting in death.

In fact, a recent study showed that such plastic particles were found in around one third of fish caught in the UK.

Today, a ban on products containing plastic microbeads came into force for the very same reason, as they “do not degrade over time and can transport toxic chemicals into marine organisms”, said BBC News.

So, will glitter actually see the same fate? It’s entirely possible.

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Tops Day Nurseries, a chain of 19 UK nurseries, has already banned glitter according to Metro, after realising the detrimental impact it’s having on the environment. And with glitter seeing a huge resurgence in beauty trends this year, from eye makeup to full body art, our sparkle consumption could actually be causing more damage than ever.

However, there are new biodegradable products such as Eco Glitter Fun and Eco Startdust now on the market *phew*, so a simple switch from plastic glitter to such ethical products could end pollution without ending our sparkle obsession.