Sophie Turner Destroys The Trumps With Single Tweet

Sophie Turner
Photo by Shutterstock

OK, we’ll level with you. We hadn’t actually seen Sophie Turner’s excellent joke about the Trumps on Twitter until this morning. Nor had half the world, it seems, as the ‘Game Of Thrones’ star’s burn has just gone viral.

It happened after someone shared a photo of President Trump and (someone save her) Melania on Twitter, asking if anyone could name a better duo.

Name a better duo? I’ll wait . 😴

— ㅤ (@81) January 26, 2017

Naturally, the 20-year-old actress tweeted back a picture of a fork and a plug socket, like so:


Queue much mirth from social media. And a slow celebrity news day.

And just in case anyone was unsure about where she stood on Trump, she clarified things over the weekend with another tweet:

You are most welcome.

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