Remember Sophia Grace Brownlee And Her Tutu? She’s All Grown Up

Sophia Grace Brownlee on Loose Women
(Photo: Twitter/ @PrincessSGB)

Sophia Grace Brownlee took the internet by storm aged just eight, when she donned a tutu and belted out Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ on YouTube.

Sophia and her cousin Rosie went viral (52 million views to date) and even found themselves being invited onto ‘The Ellen Show’, hosted by Ellen Degeneres, in the US.

This year, Sophia turns 14 and she is about to release her very own album, Girl In The Mirror. She has also recorded an EP, called Hollywood, and has her sights firmly set on chart success.

But music aside, Sophia is a HUGE social media star and has a whopping 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube. Not bad for an almost 14-year-old, right?

Speaking on Loose Women last year, Sophia, from Essex, admitted that the tutu is long gone now she is in her teens.

“I still think it looks pretty, but I’m 14 this month, so I guess I‘m a bit old to wear a tutu now,” she admitted.

Although Sophia has 267,000 followers on Twitter and describes herself as ‘the boss’, she admitted that her dad checks over all her social media posts before they go live.

She said: “My dad helps out with my social medias, because I’m still quite young. I’ll take a picture and then ask if it is fine to post, and that’s how it works.”

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And proving she is keeping it real, Sophia added: “I help with house chores and stuff. I love doing that, I love to wash the dishes – my mum never has to ask me to do it.”

(Photo: Twitter/ @PrincessRGM)

But WHERE is Rosie?

We are pleased to report that Rosie McClelland is now at stage school and has amassed 145,000 Twitter followers. Not too shabby either.

Good work, girls.

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