Did Someone Say Prosecco Festival? We Did!


It is a well known fact us ladies are made up of 70% bubbles and it’s all down to our adoration of the fizzy stuff. We’re talking about Prosecco of course. So if your friends (or Tinder date) describe you as ‘bubbly’, now you know why.

Our penchant for fizz really does know no bounds. From necking it straight out of the bottle to sipping it from a champagne flute or gulping from a pint glass, we really will have it any way it comes. And if you’re as passionate about it as us, you can rejoice in the fact that a Prosecco festival is coming to London. Any excuse to drink the stuff combined with putting flower garlands in our hair and spending time with our best girls is music to our ears.

So, when is it?

You haven’t got to wait to long for the joy of trialling all this festival has to offer (and by that we mean testing all the different types of prosecco on show – it would be rude not to!). On Friday 12 May to Sunday 14 May, different producers will be setting up a sort of Little Italy in East London’s Oval Space.

Is it just Prosecco?

Well, even if it was we’re not sure that would be a problem, but no, this fab festival has an array of authentic Italian food on offer too to cure your drunk munchies. Pasta and prosecco all at once…it’s almost like we’ve made it up isn’t it? And if that’s not enough, there will be DJs and live music for you to sway to long into the evening. Alternatively if you want a bit of education with your booze, you can learn all about the types, glasses and grapes, we think we’ll be sticking to the quaffing though.

Will it leave you crying into your bank balance?

Absolutely not! For a £35 ticket you get to try all eight prosecco types on offer. That’s £4.37 per glass in case you were wondering.

Move over gin festivals of yester-year and make way for bubbles!