Can’t Sleep In The Heat? Try These Fool-Proof Methods Out For Size

Puppy dog sleeping

If, like us, you’re moving from the kitchen floor to the bathtub rather than brace the sweaty climes of your bedroom this evening, then chances are you’ll be needing this article.

We’re just not the same without our sleep, and while it’s nice to have a legitimate excuse to stay out until 9pm on a school night lying in a park with a glass of Prosecco, we’re not enjoying the early morning headaches and general sense of dread that accompanies our hot box commute to work the next day.

So peel your cheeks from the porcelain, and get back in bed where you belong. We’ve got just the tricks for you.

Put Everything You Own In The Freezer

OK, slight exaggeration. Don’t put your mobile phone in there. But sheets, pillow cases, hell, even PJs, can all go for a blast in the chiller before you get into bed for 15 minutes or so. Few things are more refreshing than slipping between some icy cool cottons. Which brings us on to the next point – make sure you are sleeping in breathable cotton and not, you know, PVC.

Slather On Some Moisturising Lotion, Aftersun Or Aloe Vera

The cooling sensations of the gels, combined with an open window and maybe – gasp – a fan if you can be arsed to purchase one, are a great way to induce a refreshing sleep.

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Get One Of Those Spritzer Bottles They Use For Plants

And fill it with water for all night spritzing. Add some fresh mint for an extra cooling sensation. Or spend a fortune on La Roche Posey mineral spray.

Fill A Waterbottle With Tiny Chunks Of Ice

If you can be bothered to shove the ice in the neck of a (usually) hot waterbottle, this is a great way of keeping your sheets cool throughout the night. Place on a particularly troublesome hot patch on your body for instant relief.

Turn Off All Your Electric Devices

You wouldn’t believe how much head these give off.

Try Not To Eat Anything Too Heavy Before Bed

Chances are the thought of forcing down a stodgy roast followed by a sticky toffee pudding produces a wave of nausea in you right now. Well, don’t do it to yourself. Have a salad at 7pm and go to bed feeling balanced and satisfied. You don’t want your metabolism working overtime and heating you up even more.

Add Some Spice To Your Food

Interestingly, spicy foods like capsicum and chilli naturally triggers off the body’s cooling processes, so add a little hot sauce to whatever you’re having for dinner this evening. 

Fill A Sock With Rice And Freeze It 

We genuinely haven’t lost our minds, it works like a tiny ice cold waterbottle to apply to pressure points.

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Sleep Downstairs

Heat rises, so if you can possibly make yourself a space to kip downstairs, it might be an idea.

Also, For The Hippies Among You

Download an app like Buddify and get in on the sleep meditation action. It’s along the same lines as counting sheep, but you’ll be out quicker and its less boring. You can also find a bunch of great short guided meditations via Youtube.