Six Easy Ways to Destress After a Difficult Day

easy ways to get better sleep

Don’t think you’re alone if you frequently get those difficult days in your life. It’s a common thing for people to encounter, but there are some easy ways to destress after your difficult day and enjoy a more happy, relaxed life.

1. Switch off your mobile phone

Unless you’re the exception, you are likely to rely on your technological devices A LOT! If you’re having an off-day, then scrolling through social media and seeing everybody’s highlight reel is not a good thing to do, both for self-esteem and procrastination prevention.

Giving yourself the occasional digital detox can work absolute wonders, so if you’ve had a bad day, simply switch off from the digital world and make yourself unavailable to the world. It doesn’t have to be for long, maybe an hour or so, but, it’s better than not doing it at all, a study published on UK Business Insider explains.

2. Do some cleaning

Don’t let a messy space clog your brain too! Clutter and mess only fuel stress and feelings of tension after a tiresome day. Crack a few windows open as far as the weather allows for, get the dishes out of the way, tidy away your clothes, and make your bed so that it’s alluring for when you head off to bed too.


Once you’ve done some cleaning up, it’ll feel like a weight is off your shoulders and eliminates stress. Also, cleaning is a useful distraction to take you away from head-filling days when your mind’s racing.

3. Give yourself a welcome treat

This isn’t your license to spend hundreds through online shopping, but allowing yourself a small treat.

Why not go ahead and let grab a snack you don’t allow yourself to have often, or maybe grab something slightly more expensive for dinner? You can always buy a fresh throw to cosy up to while you enjoy a herbal tea and unwind before bed. Perhaps you want to buy a new plant for your bedroom; there are lots that can help you get some good rest and rid yourself of stress and angst. Regardless of whatever small treat you pleasure yourself with, embrace it and revel in it.

4. Relax in a soothing, warm bath

Many will agree that taking a long, hot, soothing bath is just what the doctor ordered when you’ve had a hectic day. Throw in some magnesium or dead sea salt which are both known for being really effective when it comes to overcoming stress.

destress bath

This is the case because magnesium helps relax your muscles, and stress can cause your muscles to become exceptionally tense. And when you throw in a few drops of your favourite bath oil to your bath, you can kick back and relax… but don’t go falling asleep in the tub as that would be bad!

5. Get involved in some exercise

After a difficult day, you might think that getting changed and then getting stuck into some form of physical activity is the absolute last thing that you should or want to do.

However, the benefits of exercise are simply undeniable and cannot be ignored. Getting active is a sure-fire way to work wonders and relieve that stress of yours in no time. Go for a walk, a run or bike ride; breathe in some fresh air and get the blood pumping.

Not only does physical activity cause the production of endorphin in the brain (chemicals in your brain that work as a natural painkiller, while also increasing sleep quality and reducing stress), it can also take you away from the problems of the day in a mental capacity too.

6. Don’t bottle it up

Allowing your feelings to be shared instead of bottled up is a sound option as an effective stress reliever.

Obviously, you can be the most positive on the planet, but sometimes things can just get the better of you and you need to let it all out to clear your head. If you are going to expel the day’s frustrations, you can talk to a friend who has good listening ears, of you can give good old-fashioned writing your feelings down on a piece of paper a whirl; whatever works best for you.

Certain things work better for some than others, but just go with what is most effective for you.

Ultimately, what you want to achieve is a complete destressing so that you can head into the following day feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go in both mind and body. Don’t be afraid to let go of your pent-up anger and frustration. You’ll often find that what you were getting worked up about was trivial and you didn’t need to get so wound up about it in the first place!

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