This Singer Does The Best Beyoncé Impression We’ve Ever Heard

Beyonce Impression
Even Beyoncé would be astounded by this impression (@JadeNovah)

If you’re not already following Jade Novah, you’d better get yourself over to her Instagram and click that follow button, like NOW. The LA-based singer, writer and actress is a woman of sooo many talents — not to mention she’s absolutely gorgeous with hair that’s to die for — one of which is her spot-on Beyoncé impression. Seriously, don’t just take our word for it…

We’re pretty sure this is the best Bey impression in existence.

Rare footage.

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Seriously, how can you not be impressed by this?!

I’m convinced that Queen Bey never half asses anything. ✊

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Queen Bey aside, she also does amazing parodies of many other famous divas, from Toni Braxton to Whitney Houston to Christina Aguilera and beyond, and they’re all literal perfection. Just watch her Christmas video below and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Then there’s her own voice, which she puts to work with amazing covers and original music, made even more wonderful by her lovely hubby on production duty.

So basically, Jade is talented, hilarious and gorgeous in equal measures. We’re stanning hard!

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