NSFW: Is The World Ending Yet? A Sex Doll Brothel Could Be Opening In The UK

Sex doll

There are times when humanity just feels like one, big, unfailing embarrassment. This is one of those times.

An adult company is looking for an investor to open a sex doll brothel in the UK.

The launch of Europe’s first sex doll brothel in Barcelona in February by agency Lumi Dolls ended up having to be shut down due to a huge backlash from local sex workers. According to Buzzfeed-a-like pop culture site Konbini, however, the company aren’t going to roll over that easily, and are looking into ways to reopen it. At the moment, it is been relaunched at a secret location only given out to paying customers.

Meanwhile, Lumi Dolls is staking it’s turf further afield. Like here in Britain.

“We are currently in the process of expanding and looking for more franchisees in other countries,” a statement from Lumi Dolls read.

In the Barcelona brothel, located in the gothic quarter near Las Ramblas, it offered hourly appointments with its hyper-realistic choice of plastic dolls for around £100. Unsurprisingly, all have tiny waists, can bend into bone-defying positions and have gigantic breasts. Customers can also creepily request how they are dressed.

“With Lumi Dolls, customers can perform any of their sexual fantasies they do not dare to do with a woman,” a Lumi Dolls spokesperson told the Daily Star.

“This allows them to fulfil their wildest fantasies that maybe with other people they can not, maybe they have some physical complex that does not allow them to be comfortable with a person, and with a doll it makes this problem much easier.”

It gets worse.

There’s a sex robot arms race happening in the US at the moment, the first of which is set to be launched by the end of the year. Effectively, these are even more realistic sex dolls that have been given pseudo personalities, abilities to Google information in order to converse with their owners, and some movement.

Lumi Dolls claims it has a “commercial agreement” with such manufacturers ahead of the launch, indicating it could be set to add the new models to their brothel and agency market in the near future.

We’ll discuss the ethics of men having sex with dolls and robots vs real prostitutes another time. It’s not a debate we thought we’d have to have in the near future.

But it can’t just be us who are left cold by the idea of a male fantasy including all living, human characteristics of a woman being absent in their sexual partner. It must also be insulting for many men out there to assume they have this primal, insatiable urge to have sex with anything and everything. Yes, it is better for these urges to be realised with something made of metal and plastic rather than someone real and unwilling. But shouldn’t those urges be the thing that are talked about and managed, not the object/subject of them?

Either way, its starting to feel a whole lot more like an Orwellian nightmare out there. We’re going back to bed.

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