Have You Seen Instagram’s Latest Craze – Blue Matcha?

blue matcha
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It looks amazing!

Instagram loves a pretty picture doesn’t it? Whether it’s colourful bath products, fancy hair dye, gorgeous looking makeup, or a beautiful picture of an exotic paradise. I’m getting FOMO even just thinking about it.

And that’s even before we come to pictures of food and drink. Let’s face it, we’ve all been THAT person who sat down in a restaurant (or even home) and taken a bird’s eye view photo of your tasty meal before you’ve even taken the first bite.

So it’s no surprise that avid Instagrammers have really taken an interest in this latest healthy-ish product. Let us introduce you to blue matcha.

What is blue matcha?

Well if you like matcha green tea, then you might be quite partial to this. Blue matcha is similar to the green version in terms of its powder consistency, only it’s… well, blue.

You can drink it, or eat it with a variety of nuts, berries, chocolate and porridge (your New Year’s ‘Get Fit’ Resolution will thank you for this) and feel pride when taking those pretty snaps of the blue stuff.

If you haven’t seen it (or heard of it before reading this), take a look at these pics.

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Blue smoothie bowl day made with 3 frozen bananas, half cup of coconut milk and a teaspoon of @matcha.blue powder, which gives this extraordinary color to everything you prepare but is also a precious super food with so many health benefits! Cause sometimes you need a breakfast that tastes like a dessert but is actually super healthy and ready in 10 minutes. 💙💜💙 awesome 📷 @oatmeal_stories 😘 #plantbased #eattherainbow #natural #bluematcha #colorfulmatcha #sugarfree #dairyfree #matcha #matchablue #healthy #eatclean #healthyfood #gofruityourself #smoothiejar #prettyfood #organicfood #healthycuisines #vitamins #minerals #antioxidants #recipe #fitfood #smoothiebowl #plantbased #fresh #fruits #beautiful #berries #plantpower #bluefood

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First of all, these pictures of the blue matcha look pretty lush if I do say so myself. I’m a tad jealous, because I’m pretty sure if I made any of these at home, the fruit would have already sunk into the smoothie, and would probably look far more “homemade”, shall we say.

Anyway, we already know that green matcha is supposed to help boost metabolism and burn calories, reduce blood pressure and protect against heart disease, plus a whole bunch more healthy-related stuff.

The blue matcha however, is made from butterfly pea powder, so it doesn’t have the same antioxidants and caffeine as the green matcha.

So far there hasn’t been much research into the benefits of it – though with all the fitness fanatics, that’s bound to come soon enough. However it is known that blue matcha contains Proanthoyanidin (good luck pronouncing that) – which increases collagen and elasticity in skin cells, so think anti-aging. Your future 50-year-old self might thank you for it.

And even if the anti-aging properties don’t really do much after all, at least you’ve got some Instagrammable pictures you can treasure.

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