The Dream Job You Didn’t Realise Existed… Until Now

Girl in skirt - sex toys
Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

OK, so it might not be something to share around the family dinner table, but there are so many benefits to being the gal that gets this job, it would be hard to keep yourself from screaming from the rooftops about it (and particularly while you’re doing it).

It seems our careers advisors have been failing us all these years, as we think we’d be perfect for the role of sex toy reviewer, currently being advertised by London brand LoveWoo, not least for our keen interest in the female orgasm.

And by interest, we mean having them. A lot. All of the time.


The brand is on the look-out for the ideal candidate to test their sex toys, lingerie, games and more, before sitting down to contemplate the effectiveness of each product and produce a “detailed and informative review”.

And that’s not all. You’ll need to be happy to use social media to share your findings (sorry, Mum), answer customer queries and write the odd sexy feature for LoveWoo’s very sexy website.

Because it is a real job with a real salary, you’ll earn £28,000 a year for the privilege and be asked to work from home two days a week. We’re assuming testing the products in the middle of the office isn’t the done thing.

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But wait! It gets better. Nestling somewhere behind multiple orgasms and in front of a year’s supply of lube is unlimited holiday time, with a three-day all expenses paid trip abroad with the company every year.

So if you “have a good sense of humour”, are honest, liberal-minded and not a complete doughnut, head on over to the LoveWoo website and apply with a sex toy review sample, any videos (not sex tapes, vlogger reviews) or previous content you have, a covering letter and your CV.

May the power of the orgasm be with you.

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