Say Hello To The Topshop Ankle Boots Of Your Dreams

Topshop heart boots
We heart these boots, literally (

With September well and truly upon us, it’s time to wave goodbye to our sandals and open the wardrobe door on winter boots. OK, it’s not actually that cold yet, but we’re really just looking for an excuse to snap up these lovely Topshop boots.


Love-ly, get it?

Available in both black and blush, these heart-studded ankle boots are a surefire match for any autumnal outfit, not to mention they’re full of Insta-worthy potential. Plus, the heel is only a 2.5 incher, so there’s no need to worry about achey feet after a day in these.


While they’re not the cheapest pair of boots you’ll lay eyes on this season — they come in at a mid-range £45 — the blush version has already sold out in several sizes, so if you have fallen for them you’ll need to snap them up quickly. Plus, they’re only available in a handful of stores, so when the online stock has gone, they’re really gone.

That said, the black option hasn’t vanished from the shelves just yet, so better add them before your basket before someone else does. We’re off to buy both.

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