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save winter skin

Let’s face it. It’s not getting any warmer. And our cheeks are feeling more like elbows as the cold, dark days plod slowly towards spring. We need a skincare saviour to tackle our flaky, weather-beaten complexions immediately.

But wait… Who’s that up there showering us with organic balms and amino acids? Why its super facialist Pietro Simone of Clique Medispa in Knightsbridge, London, who has come to our rescue with reels of advice and a few choice products, too.

Shevolution: What should we be adding or taking away from our usual skincare regimes during cold weather?

Pietro:”There may be different points of views in the beauty industry in regards to this, however personally for me taking away everything with petrolatum, synthetic paraffin and colorants because our skin does not require this! These entire ingredients may give your skin comfort at the surface of the skin but it will not be absorb during the winter months.

“What I would always recommend is to use nourishing mask, and pure organic oil as nourishment supplement for the skin. The skin requires fatty acid during the winter season to give it a a lot of nourishment. Vitamins A, E and C, oils such as avocado, tomato, grape seed, almond and neem oils, will help nourish the skin with the correct fatty acids to balance your skin.

“I would say to use these as night treatments to allow the skin to have great night dinner and to be recharged in the morning, giving you a great base for make-up but also giving your skin a healthy and glowing complexion.”

Product recommendation?

P:”The Fluid of Pietro Simone skincare rich in Edelweiss Meristematic cells, Tomato oil and Metabolic Complex based in the Amino Acids, its a super recharge for the natural skin defence barrier and fundamental nourishment for your skin.”

We also love Cacay oil, £24.99 for 50ml at Holland & Barretts, which is naturally rich in retinol and vitamin E.

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Shevolution: How often should we be exfoliating?

P:”One of the secrets of a clearer, brighter complexion is the regular exfoliation. It gives that extra important help in minimising the side effects of the environmental damage, oxidative stress, and poor food habits.

“Exfoliating the skin with harsh products not only increase the skin sensitivity, it can disturb the lipid barrier and lead to premature ageing and inflammation. It is important, therefore, to exfoliate thoroughly but without over stimulating your skin.

Product recommendation?

P:”I would always recommend to my clients Pietro Simone Renewal Peel to be used once a week for skin that is majority of skin types, this helps to give the skin the tools and capability to renew itself thanks to the mix of gentle but powerful acids I have developed. However for skin very harsh and thick in texture I would recommend to use the peel twice a week for a month then to reduce it to once a week.”

For those short on cash? A clean muslin cloth and an oil-based cleanser works wonders. Pick one up at the Body Shop for £2.50.

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Shevolution: Winter is particularly tough for people who have combination skin or are prone to acne. Skin gets dryand flaky because of anti-blemish treatments too, and some moisturizers can often make acne worse. What should they do?

P:”My idea of skincare is based on using only active ingredients and powerful complex that works with the skin. Skin doesn’t need strong silicons, paraffins and harmful ingredients which will not allow the skin to breathe. As a result this can lead to inflaming the skin and clogging the pores. Often I see people with acne/prone skin using strong creams and serum to remove the excess of sebum.

“I firstly prefer to choose soothing, calming, balancing treatment rich in water, amino acids and the right acids that can help the natural process of toxic sebum elimination. Ideal are the water-based mask, azelaic acid and oil-free moisturizers.”

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion, £26, is the perfect solution in our eyes.

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Shevolution: What sort of make-up do you recommend women wear during the winter?

P: “My personal view from my years of experience is that I love mineral make up. There are a lot of brands that use minerals to try to entice consumers but the majority use minimal minerals and still have synthetic paraffin, colorants and products based on talc. So watch out for the ingredients! Mineral make-up in powder or creams are the best and I would recommend.”

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bareMinerals’ bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF20, £27, is one of our favourites.

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Shevolution: Are saunas and steam rooms a good idea for winter skin health?

P:”This approach in my personal point of view can be dated:using the heat is not always helpful as your pores remain open. If an individual uses sauna or steam room for the purpose of relaxation and to help to drain the excess fluids and toxins, this will help your skin. However, this will never be enough to sustain healthy skin. My approach is to recreate the proper elimination of the dead cells starting with an immaculate cleansing and detoxification and then using different manual techniques including the thread exfoliation. All these processes allow me to remove toxins, dark spots and the grey appearance of the skin easily, improving the skin’s texture and appearance.”

Shevolution: How should we avoid the dreaded cracked lips?

P: “I would always say and recommend organic balm as this is a 100 per cent winner in my eyes, giving extra-rich nutrients, simil-sebum ingredients that are recognisable enough for the skin to absorb. A weekly mask applied also on the lips increase the moisture of this particular area of the face.”

Try out the Eos Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere Coconut Milk Lip Balm, £5.95 at Beauty Bay. Delicious and 100 per cent natural, too.

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You can book a service with Pietro Simone at Clique Medispa, 1c, Brompton place, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1QE