Ryan Gosling’s Feminist Memes Are Still Winning

Ryan Gosling Feminist Memes

Ryan Gosling recently admitted that he has absolutely no idea where those dreamy feminist memes that go viral every time he appears on the telly actually came from.

You know, the ones in which his narrowed, piercing eyes stare down the lens of the camera, alongside phrases such as,

“Hey Girl, the post-feminist fetishisation of motherhood is deeply rooted in classicism, but I still think we’d make cute babies.”

It’s knee trembling stuff. Sadly, though, they’re nothing to do with him.

“I wish I could [explain it],” Gosling told Good Morning America in 2016. “I was hoping you would able to give me a bit of clarity on that. I think we’re all confused. It’s unearned anyway, I didn’t deserve it.”

But lets not let a little thing like the truth get in the way of our gender equal lust. As he takes to various awards shows to win everything for his role as Sebastian in La La Land this season, here are a selection of our favourites.

Best Feminist Ryan Gosling Memes



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