This ‘Drag Queen Cat’ Models Amazing RuPaul’s Drag Race Outfits

Category is... kitty gurl realness! (Instagram: @rupaws_drag_race)

Love cats? Love Drag Race? Then you are going to be gaaaagging over the Instagram account of this incredible drag kitty, believe us.

The star of the show is Laila, a Brooklyn-based feline, who models amazing replica looks from the reality show – all handmade by her pet parents Lynzie Rogers and John Jeffords. And they are a whole new level of fabulous…

Tens across the board!

Inspired by drag queens old and new, Laila’s looks are a pretty purrfect (sorry) match to some of the show’s most memorable outfits, from Monet Xchange’s sponge gown to Aja’s ‘Disastah’ storm cloud.

However, when the show is in full swing, Laila’s creations really come to life. Each week, she sashays her way into the key outfits from every episodes, and they attention to detail is next level. Miz Cracker’s pickle costume? Nailed it. Asia O’Hara’s Big Bird extravaganza? Spot on. Eureka’s hair loafs? Kitty gurl has got them down.

It all started back in 2015 when season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race hit our screens, leading the New Yorkers to get creative with their feline companion – and it’s fair to say, their hard work has paid off. Not only does their compliant cat do an amazing job of showing off their detailed creations, but they’ve gained over 86,000 followers on Instagram and now make real-life appearances at fan events such as DragCon. What a way to make a living, eh?

You can also pick up amazing RuPaw’s Drag Race (see what they did there?) merch from their online shop, including pin badges, fridge magnets, a ‘lewk bewk’, t-shirts, beach towels and more. And it’s fair to say we are living for all of it. 🙌