Confirmed: Here’s Who Meghan Markle Has Picked As Her Bridesmaids

It's official! Meghan's bridesmaids have been revealed

With the royal wedding only a few days away now (yay!), all eyes are on Meghan and Harry as we try to decode those final details. Which designer will be behind Meghan’s dress? Who will walk her down the aisle? And is her dad *actually* going to be there? Soooo many questions.

But there’s now one more detail we know for sure, and that’s who will be Meg’s official bridesmaids – and we have to say, the list is rather surprising.

Kensington Palace revealed the selection this morning, stating that there will be no adult bridesmaids. Instead, the royal couple have selected Princess Charlotte, daughter of Harry’s brother William, Harry’s goddaughter Florence van Custem, Meghan’s goddaughters Remi and Rylan Litt, her BFF’s daughter Ivy Mulroney and another of Harry’s goddaughters, Zalie Warren.

The oldest of the bunch is Rylan at seven years old, with the youngest being Zalie at just two years old. Prepare for maximum cuteness!

Princess Charlotte will walk down the aisle on Saturday (

So, why no adults? A palace spokesperson confirmed that “she has a very close-knit circle of friends and she didn’t want to choose one over another”. We can only imagine the politics involved in picking a Maid of Honour when you’re a royal-to-be…

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Harry and Meghan will also follow a precession of four pageboys down the aisle, which will include William’s eldest son Prince George, Harry’s godson Jasper Dyer, and Ivy’s older twin brothers Brian and John Mulroney.

Prince George will be the youngest boy involved at four years old, while the Mulroney twins are the oldest at seven years old.

So not only are we looking forward to seeing what the bride will be wearing, but also what adorable outfits they’ve picked out for their parade of mini-maids and pageboys. Not to mention the 2,500+ guests they’ve invited along for the day.

Roll on Saturday 19th May!

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