Rochelle And Marvin Humes Celebrate Arrival Of Baby Girl And Share Adorable First Photo

rochelle and marvin humes
(Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/

Rochelle Humes has shared her joy after giving birth to a baby girl – her second child with DJ Marvin.

The former Saturdays singer and TV presenter is said to be “delighted” and eager to get her new bundle of joy home. Her name is Valentina Raine, Rochelle revealed on Instagram earlier today.

The couple will be relieved to have welcomed a daughter after their first child, 3-year-old Alaia-May, made it blindingly clear how much she wanted a sister.

Speaking before the birth, Rochelle told The Mirror: “Our little girl is so desperate to have a sister. I warned her, ‘What happens if you have a baby brother?’ and she replied ‘We’ll just send it back’. I’m trying to tell it doesn’t work like that.”

How well Alaia-May will handle having to share her parents’ attention remains to be seen, but Rochelle has reportedly been “reading up” on how to deal with the all-too-common dilemma.

She’s let her daughter have a say in the new baby’s name, too, although Alaia-May was pushing for Alice-in-the-Palace, so may be disappointed.