Teen Gets Rejected For Prom, Ends Up Taking Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner/ Instagram

So the phenomenon of prom is something we only vaguely understand in the UK, largely from watching high school rom-coms. What we do know is getting rejected for it by your one true love is pretty gutting.

Imagine, then, that on a whim you reach out to your favourite celebrity and ask them instead, not expecting any sort of response. And then they actually show up.

That’s exactly what happened to one student in Sacramento named Albert Choa. Spurned by his sweet heart, he contacted Kylie Jenner. Low and behold, the make-up mogul did go to the Rio Americano High School prom, and everyone lost their tiny minds.

“Imagine rejecting a prom date & the guy that asked you takes Kylie,” his friend Humberto wrote on Twitter. “Shout out to Albert Choa for that comeback.”

Videos shared online showed the moment Albert walked into the ball with Jenner on his arm, as well as the pair slow dancing on the balcony being watched on by hundreds of open-mouthed students.

Sister of the rejectee, Syd Duhney, posted on Twitter: “kylie jenner for reals went to rio prom tonight with the guy my sister turned down.”

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Never seen without an entourage, Jenner dragged good friend Jordyn Woods along with her.

Jenner herself missed out on going to prom as she left high school in ninth grade to be home schooled.

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