Rapper Ex-Boyfriend Tyga Throws Shade At Kylie Jenner While She Continues To Live Separately To Travis Scott


We just couldn’t go a day without another Kardashian story! Especially now there’s a bit of shade being thrown by ex-boyf Tyga. No wonder the poor girl wanted to keep her pregnancy under wraps when there’s already so much controversy now her daughter is born!

So what’s the latest? It turns out her rapper ex boyfriend, Tyga isn’t taking too kindly to the fact there’s a new man in Kylie’s life – and that he’s the father of her daughter.

Granted the pair were on-and-off for years, but now, Tyga is so put out by this whole “sitch”, he’s made claims that he wants a paternity test done on Stormi, because he is claiming that he and Kylie were still very sexually active around the same sort of time that she would have conceived her baby.

That’s a bit raw, isn’t it? Throwing shade at Kylie and basically saying she was sleeping with both him AND Travis. Granted we don’t know her personally, but she doesn’t really seem that type… And we reckon Kris Jenner is already seeing dollar signs from a defamation lawsuit in there somewhere…

A source has told Radar Online that “Tyga wants a DNA test because he really thinks that there is a chance the baby could be his.”

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Well, we’re also thinking Tyga should learn a bit about contraception because since he already fathered one kid to Kylie’s half brother Rob’s ex girlfriend, Black Chyna, we’re thinking that’s probably a lot cheaper than raising another child.

And that’s only IF the child was his. Obvs no one REALLY believes this right now, despite the fact he claimed to be the father of Kylie’s baby back in September last year.

Deffo thinking this guy’s probably experiencing a little bit of that “one-that-got-away” feeling, and realising he probably had it pretty good till the pair parted ways. Tough lesson, eh?

However, in the Jenner bubble, Kyle’s loving life as a new mum, and everyone’s pretty shocked to discover that both her and Stormi’s dad Travis (yep, we’ll call him that unless someone can actually prove otherwise), haven’t moved in together following the birth.

Another secret Kardashian source told People that the pair are “over the moon” with their new little family, but they’re not rushing anything just yet. So for now, they’ll both have their separate houses and co-parent like most other normal families.

And really, that seems like a win-win situation. Despite Kylie only being 20, she’s being mature and putting her kid as her priority.  Kylie and Travis are happy with the set up, and no doubt at some point Stormi will end up with two huge bedrooms.

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Maybe Tyga should stop trying to drive that wedge between the loved-up couple. It already seems to be failing miserably.

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