Rainbow Lips Is The Impressive Make-Up Trend Brightening Up Instagram

Rainbow Lips
Get ready for a colourful new lip trend (Instagram: @iluvsarahii & @jocelynannatjong)

While we can just about apply a nude lipstick and keep it off our teeth, prepare to be amazed by the latest beauty trend that’s making Instagram an altogether more beautiful, colourful place.

Rainbow lips are exactly what they say on the tin — a graduation of bright shades, seamlessly blended into one another to create a stunning rainbow effect. Just take feast your eyes on how perfect it looks:

First starting life as a Pride tribute in cosmetic form, this colourful make-up trick has now become a statement look for a night on the town or a creative way for beauty pros to flex their skills beyond the parades.

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So, do you fancy trying it yourself? It’s definitely going to be a fiddly one to perfect — we’ll be trying our best all weekend — but the good news is you don’t have to hunt down all the different colours in lipstick form to achieve the perfect rainbow. Just a few simple steps and an eyeshadow palette are all you need.

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How to create rainbow lips

Firstly, apply the rest of your make-up however you’d like, then fully cover your lips with your concealer or foundation. Apply some setting powder or your usual pressed powder to get them nice and matte, giving you a smooth base to work on.

Next, reach for an eyeshadow palette that contains all the colours — the main ones you’ll need are blue, green, yellow, red and purple. NYX’s Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights, £16, is highly pigmented and contains all the hues necessary.

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Apply stripes of the colour with your usual eye make-up brush, dabbing the shade onto your top and bottom lips as you go. Then, grab a small blending brush and lightly blend each colour into the next. Once you’re happy with the effect, tidy up any messy edges with a cotton bud or face wipe.

Spray your lips with your setting spray of choice and voila! You’re good to go. We’d just advise using a straw with any drinks if you want it to last longer than one Instagram Story…

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