Want A Quick Response? Sign Your Emails Like This


How do you sign off your emails? Are you a warm ‘kind thanks’ sort of person, or a blunt and formal ‘regards’ kinda gal?

If you want a reply, you might want to change your tone a little.

According to a new study by Boomerang, there’s an optimum way to sign off emails to increase the likelihood and speed of a response.

Researchers looked at the sign off of more than 350,000 email threads and found that emails that ended with “thanks in advance” had a response rate of 65.7 per cent.

‘Best’, on the other hand, had a rather less favourable 51.2 per cent response rate.

“Among closings seen at least 1,000 times in our study, ‘thanks in advance’ ended up correlating with the highest response rate, which makes sense, as the email’s recipient is being thanked specifically for a response which has yet to be written,” data scientist Brendan Greenly said.

“There’s a bit of posturing involved with this closing, but it turns out it works pretty well.”

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