‘Day Of Rage’: Protests Coincide With Queen’s Speech

Queen's Speech - May 2016
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This year’s Queen’s Speech has been fraught with set-backs. The big one being the outcome of the election, which left no majority government in charge. A speech for such an eventually had a) not been prepared and b) when it was prepared, needed to be carefully written on a fresh piece of goatskin because we’re really weird in the UK and still do things like that.

Furthermore, and much to many people’s delight, the Conservatives are still yet to strike a deal with the DUP, which means that Theresa May might not be able to form a legitimate minority government anyway.

Now on the day itself, yet more unrest is set to occur, as a number of protests kick off in the capital.

A “day of rage” has been organised by protestors from Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary (MFJ), calling for local housing to be made available for those left dispossessed by the fire that tore through Grenfell Tower last week.

They’ll march through London from 1pm in a bid to “bring down the government” over its response to disaster.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 today, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said he supported the protestors’ rights to take direct action.

“I believe you have the legitimate right to demonstrate and protest, but it has to be peaceful,” he said.

“And you have the right, therefore, to change government and change government as a result of that.”

“Today, people have got the right to be angry. What they haven’t got is the right to be violent,” he added.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson at the Clement James Centre, which has been looking after Grenfell Tower residents, stressed that many of those directly affected by the fire were against the idea of any violence.

Further events today include the London Socialist Party’s “May Must Go! Protest the Queen’s Speech” Facebook event, which starts at 4pm.

There is also a “Protest the Queen’s speech – no to May/DUP racism & bigotry” event at 6pm organised by Stand Up to Racism.

Placards at the ready.

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