Primark Is Selling Lolz Love Island T-Shirts

Love Island t-shirts
This year's Love Island originals (ITV)

Because it’s Friday and a Friday without some Love Island news is no Friday at all, today we bring you the announcement that Primark will be selling lolz Love Island T-shirts from Saturday.

This means that along with the daily battle against the overwhelming temptation to purchase a personalised Love Island water bottle, you now have the lure of pop cultural clothing to contend with too.

The tees come printed with slogans from the reality TV show, from “I’ve got a text!” to “100% my type on paper” and of course, Marcel’s main catchphrase, “I used to be in Blazin’ Squad”.

Our favourite is the grey one that simply reads “#muggy” – surely the best hangover T-shirt of all time.

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love island t-shirt

The tops cost just £6 with bags and socks also included in the range.

Off to the shops you go…

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