Breaking – You’ve Been Pronouncing Primark Wrong This Whole Time

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It’s the scone of the retail world, the bath and grass of high street fashion. But the folks behind budget brand Primark have finally settled the raging debate (we admittedly didn’t know existed) over how you pronounce it’s damned name.

Apparently, Scottish and Northern Irish customers have been using the pronunciation “Preemark”, while some in the Republic of Ireland have eschewed the actual name of the place altogether to call it Penneys instead.

Thankfully, this dispute has now been settled by the retailer, who added the answer to the question on its ‘Help’ page.

For the question ‘How do you pronounce Primark?’, the fashion brand writes: “That’s a very good question. We like to use Pr-Eye-Mark.”

As for the Penneys stalwarts, this is what the chain used to be called when it was founded in Dublin in 1969.

However, when it finally hit the big time and expanded into the UK in 1974, it had to change its name to Primark to avoid legal action from US retailer of a similar name, JC Penney.

Don’t tell us that epiphany hasn’t made your Tuesday. No? Well alright then.

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