Primark Under Fire For Selling Padded Bras To Children

Primark has been accused of sexualising children with its clothing choices before (Shutterstock)

Primark has come under fire for sexualising children by selling them padded bras.

It is not clear at what specific age the fast fashion giant’s My First Bra range is aimed, but they have appeared in the section targeted at seven to 13-year-old girls.

Two of the pink polka dot bras can be bought for just five pounds in stores throughout the UK, much to the horror of parents, including soap star Emma Linley.

“Do Primark sell padded pants for seven to 13-year-old boys to make their genitals seem bigger?” she told The Sun. “So boys are OK as they are but girls need enhancement?”

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Linley, 43, plans to start a campaign against the bras, arguing that she does not want her two young girls to “face puberty with this crap to deal with”.

Primark has responded to the backlash, insisting that the bras are “moulded, not padded”.

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“This allegation is simply wrong,” a spokesperson said. “We would like to be absolutely clear that these bras are moulded, not padded.

“My First Bra ranges are designed and constructed purely for support, comfort and modesty and adhere to the BRC’s childrenswear guidelines. There is no enhancement.

“This type of moulded bra is extremely common and selling them is entirely normal practice on the high street.”


Primark has faced criticism for its padded childrenswear before. Back in 2010, it was forced to stop selling padded bikinis for young girls after accusations of sexualisation from parents and children’s charities.

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