Primark Just Launched Setting Sprays And People Are Going Wild For Them

primary setting spray
Beauty fans can't wait to get their hands on these (Primark)

When faced with a spare half hour on our lunch break, we can often be found aimlessly wandering Primark’s beauty section, filling up our basket with low-cost highlighters, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, face masks and pretty much anything in cute packaging. And when we do finally make it to the till we’ve only actually spent £12. Get in!

But now we have an actual reason to return for the second time in a week, as the retailer has finally launched a firm beauty favourite. That’s right, prepare yourselves for Primark’s brand new range of setting sprays.

It’s fair to say we want them all, like NOW.

The beauty gods at Primark have been kind, not just giving us a one-spray-suits-all product, instead launching three different sprays for different skin needs.


The ‘Glow’ version, infused with vitamin B5, is described as “an illuminating setting spray that helps hold makeup in place”, so we’re expecting a little bit of shimmer with this one.


Then there’s the ‘Matte’ option, made up of a blend of rose water, vitamin B3 and kaolin clay, designed to control oil and reduce shine throughout the day.


Finishing the collection in a cute turquoise container is the ‘Hydrate’ spray, which will prove a godsend for anyone with dry skin. It uses rose water to hydrate the skin, while aloe vera ingredients act as a cooling agent to help prevent any redness. Definitely what we need in this furness of a heatwave!

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But the best part about these setting sprays has to be the price. At just £4.50 each, you can afford to try out a few before settling on your favourite. If the comments on Instagram are anything to go by, people will be snapping them all up – and fast!

We’ll have to put the product’s effectiveness to the test against some of the beauty world’s favourites, such as Urban Decay’s All Nighter at £24, or even NYX’s £7 version, but hey – at less than a fiver we’re happy to try.