‘Poor Michelle’ Is The Facebook Page All Destiny’s Child Fans Need To Follow

Destiny's Child
Destiny's Child still rock our world (Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

“Be a Beyoncé in a room full of Michelles” goes the age old proverb. OK, when we say “old”, we mean about 2004 old.

Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams is widely (and unfairly) regarded as the group’s least successful member, often standing in bandmates Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé’s shadows — sometimes, quite literally. Now, in 2017, someone is highlighting Michelle’s struggle with a Facebook page that gathers all of her most unfortunate moments in one place. We hate to laugh, but some are just so ridiculous, we simply can’t help it.

From tripping over live on stage to missing parts of their slick choreography, the account shines a light on Miss Williams’ unfortunate cock ups with a large helping of *awkwaaaaard* on the side. Just watch the ‘detective work’ above and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Can the girl not have a bad day without someone pointing it out and splashing it all over the internet?! Jeeeez.

The page, which now has over 60,000 Likes, also digs up snaps from the trio’s glory years, turning unassuming pictures into more #poormichelle moments.

Poor Michelle indeed.

We’re sure she doesn’t take any notice though, she’s probably too busy relishing her riches from being a member of one of the most successful girl groups of all time…

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And did we mention she’s absolutely slaying at the mo?

Just sayin hello! ❤️

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Poor Michelle no more!