Why Are People Finding Half-Eaten Packs Of Polos In Their ASOS Packages?


There’s nothing quite like receiving a gift from yourself in the post. Yes, you’ve paid for it. Yes, you knew it was coming. But when the postman comes around with a big bag marked ASOS on it, and you suddenly remember you did a drunk shop last Friday after a bottle of Chardonnay, it’s a moment of unbridled capitalist joy.

Imagine, then, opening said present to oneself to discover that not only did your things arrive, but with them, a packet of broken, open, potentially half-eaten polos:

Customers have indeed been left flummoxed as to how the minty treats made their way into their packages – and who, if anyone, had decided to snack upon a few before they sealed them in.

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Well, we took it upon ourselves to do some serious investigative journalism, and we can tell you… Nothing about why they were open and broken. But this is what an ASOS spokesperson told us:

“We love giving our customers little surprise sample packs from time-to-time but, of course, we don’t want them to turn up in pieces. This short term promotion has now ended and we will be reviewing the process.”

Where’s Agatha Christie when we need her? We blame the patriarchy. It’s usually their fault.

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