There’s A Pizza And Prosecco Festival Coming To The UK

Pizza and prosecco festival
Photo by Shutterstock

In the greatest festival news since last week’s espresso martini event, a new pizza and prosecco festival is coming to the UK to whet your appetite.

The excellent combination of Italian food and booze will start in Cardiff on Sunday 27 August before touring 15 other towns and cities, including Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool and Reading. It will officially end on 16 December with an afternoon event in Birmingham and Southhampton.

And yes, it does sound like one hell of a tour bus.


Prosecco fans can expect to try more than 20 different varieties, including fizzy cocktails. The pizza will be made by the finest local traders and Italian food fanatics.

Live music will be on hand for entertainment, while warming outdoor heaters and blankets will keep customers cosy throughout the winter months.

Venues for the events are yet to be confirmed, but keep on eye on their Facebook page for further details.

Tickets start from £10, which includes a ‘Pizza & Prosecco Bible’ per guest and a free glass of bubbly on the door.

To register for places in your area, visit

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