Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Was Really All About One Photograph

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews
Photo by Getty

And no, it’s not the picture-perfect image of the world’s most famous bridesmaid, in her Giles Deacon wedding dress, posing lovingly with new husband James Matthews after the ceremony at Englefield church in Berkshire on Saturday.

In fact, the photograph in question didn’t even feature Pippa Middleton in it.

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Meghan Markle was nowhere to be seen, forgoing the ceremony itself entirely to make her entrance at the wedding reception at the Middleton’s Berkshire estate. She was apparently sat away from Prince Harry during the five-course sit down meal, who, the Telegraph alleges, made 100 mile trip to pick up the actress from Kensington Palace and transport her there midway through the day.

The image that will forever remind us of the most spectacular non-news event in high society England does, however, feature Kate Middleton, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. And a naughty page boy flicking the Vs:

Photo by Getty

Brilliant, isn’t it? Here’s another shot via Twitter:

Spencer Matthews, the ‘Made In Chelsea’ brother of James Matthews, was also there, but sadly stayed out of trouble for the day:

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The Telegraph, who appear to have published upwards of 100 stories about the wedding as it progressed over the weekend, including a three-day timeline of events as they unfolded (give us strength), also reported that the best man’s speech was daringly lewd for such a formal engagement.

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According to the paper, Justin Johannsen, a close friend of James Matthews, took to the mic at a dangerous hour of 11.30pm for a close-to-the-bone speech in which it is claimed he likened Pippa to a dog.

Which, if it’s true, goes to show. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can’t buy common decency.

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