#PinkNotGreen Trending As Women Plan To Boycott Topshop

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#PinkNotGreen is trending on Twitter as many women are planning to boycott Acardia stores – including Topshop after Chairman, Sir Philip Green was dramatically named as being at the centre of sexual harassment claims.

Unless you were off the grid yesterday, you would have heard how former minister Lord Peter Hain, used his parliamentary privilege to reveal that the billionaire businessman was a the centre of British #MeToo claims.

Lord Hain described claims as “serious and repeated sexual harassment, racist abuse and bullying which is compulsively continuing.”

The shock announcement in Parliament came after the media was prevented from publishing  ‘sexual abuse allegations‘ against Sir Philip after he was granted a High Court injunction.

And in response users started to voice their boycott plans with the hashtags #PinkNotGreen and #MeToo. Hashtag #PinkNotGreen representing pink (feminism) and not green (the retail tycoon’s last name).

#PinkNotGreen tweets

Scarlett Curtis, curator of best selling “Feminists Don’t wear pink” wrote: “This man clothed our country. This man dressed our teenage girls. This man is a racist, sexist bully. This man made me cry. This man must be stopped. Philip Green, money can’t save you. The feminists are coming & they’re wearing pink #pinknotgreen”

Another user wrote “Off to return my @Topshop boots. @pinknotgreen”

And user Jodie Partington tweeted “#PinkNotGreen #finalstraw #votewithmyfeet no more #arcadia shops for me apologies to #arcadia staff.”

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Concern about the impact on Arcadia workers

Though other users cautioned that an Arcadia boycott would punish the thousands of women that work there.

One user Lucie Russell  tweeted “#PhilipGreen can run but he sure can’t hide. Be aware though if we boycott his shops ordinary workers just trying to make ends meet will suffer through job losses. Go after him not them.”

And user Andy West wrote “Attention people calling for a boycott of @Topshop and other Arcadia brands to punish Sir Philip Green… you’ll punish tens of thousands of low paid women and shop workers more.  Those shops are already on their knees. #PinkNotGreen #MeToo.”

Calls to strip Sir Philip Green’s Knighthood

One thing’s for sure that with calls from MP Frank Field for Sir Philip’s Knighthood to be stripped if the allegations against him are proven. Plus the prospect that Sir Phillip Green could be called before Women and Equalities Select Committee regarding the allegations. Whether or not women decide to boycott Topshop, their will be repercussions for the Topshop boss.

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