Are These Pics From Kylie Jenner’s Secret Baby Shower?: An Investigation

Kylie Jenner Baby Shower
Kylie's got us all scratching our heads (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
It's a girl! Wait... is it?

Kylie Jenner has done a pretty good job at keeping her alleged pregnancy under wraps since rumours starting circulating a few months ago. We’ve had no new shots from the waist down, she’s been reposting pics from her pre-pregnancy days and all-round keeping schtum on the subject.

But now we may at last have some solid proof that something baby-shaped is afoot. New pics –presumably captured in some stealth work by a paparazzi helicopter – show the back garden of Kylie’s mansion taken over with pink flowers, decorations and a marquee, hinting at a possible baby girl (because gender roles and all that).

Kylie’s pool was also filled with pink petals (

While the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is yet to admit she’s expecting a child – allegedly with rapper Travis Scott – these pictures hint that something is definitely going on. Her family and guests were seen dressed in silk pyjamas for the occasion, but remained well hidden underneath the extravagant pink marquee. We can see Kim and daughter North attended, as well as sisters Khloe and Kourtney, and mother Kris.

The absence of any men help solidify theories that it’s a baby shower rather than any other kind of party, as traditionally only women are invited to showers (gender roles and all that, again).

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We also know that sister Kim Kardashian threw her own baby shower the day before Kylie’s, celebrating her third child, who will reportedly be born via a surrogate in January 2018. Kim’s celebrations, held at her own home, were reported as last-minute arrangements, whereas Kylie’s bash included a pool full of petals, pink tulle tent and actual waiting staff – unlikely to be quite as ‘last minute’.

But could Kylie’s pink celebrations just be an extension of Kim’s? Perhaps a surprise for closer friends and family? Or are they the most solid proof yet that Kylie’s soon to add another girl to the Kardashian-Jenner clan? How about celebrations for big sis Khloe, who’s also allegedly expecting? Either way, we’re sure this shower is a marker that we’ll find out veeeery soon.

View more pictures from her all-pink event below to help you make up your mind.