‘Persist’ Is The Feminist Card Game You Need This Christmas

It comes beautifully packaged too (persistthegame.com)

Bored of whipping out the same Monopoly and Cluedo every Christmas? Exhausted Cards Against Humanity and every possible extension pack? Believe in equality for women and hate gender roles? Then we’ve got just the game for you.

‘Persist’ tackles all the crap women face on a daily basis, including, but not limited to “the ridiculous role assigned to them in the game of life. The double standards. Being told to smile by strangers. Mansplainers and manspreaders. Unsolicited questions about family planning. Not to mention all the ways women are doomed to fail at living up to culture’s standard of womanly virtue and grace”.

We. Are. Here. For. This.

It’s played by participants ranking their life values across four categories: career, health, leisure and relationships. This then determines how many more life milestones you need to hit in each category to win, which happens when you accumulate enough cards to reach those milestones.

The cards feature some familiar scenarios (persistthegame.com)

To collect said cards, there are several challenges you need to conquer along the way, including truth, would you rather, trivia, sharing, roadblocks, act it out, and the occasional wild card. But if your opponents out-do you, they can steal the cards and hinder your progress.

It’s all the brainchild of three Seattle women who found themselves feeling increasingly isolated as women working in the corporate world. Founders MaryBeth Pecha, Kathryn Ekloff and Amber Hanson worked for the likes of Amazon and General Mills before coming up with the idea for Persist, drawing source material from their own experiences and other women’s struggles – which is no more relevant than in 2017.

“When we began this endeavour, we had no idea this was going to be the year of female news headlines with stories of gender inequality, sexual harassment, and women’s rights. As women and men are realizing [sic] that these issues can’t be hidden, we need to foster an environment where it is okay to discuss these topics in public together,” founder Kathryn told Shevolution.

“We think Persist the Game is a great tool for doing this, due to it being a game that has humour mixed with vulnerability.”

Persist isn’t available in the UK just yet, however Kathryn confirmed to Shevolution that they’re aiming to open up delivery overseas through Amazon very soon – fingers crossed in time for Christmas!

Priced at $34.99 (around £26), it’s the perfect present for a fellow woman in your life who is so done with the patriarchy. Or maybe one to play with grandma after Christmas lunch and a few glasses of sherry…

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