People Think The Marks & Spencer Christmas Ad Has An F-Bomb And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Marks And Spencer Ad

There are three times during winter that you know Christmas is coming: when the lights are turned on-on London’s Oxford Street, all the advent calendars and of course, the Christmas TV ads (you can’t not singing along to “The holidays are coming” for that Coca Cola one!)

So far this year, we’ve still waiting on that all-important official Coca Cola ad to appear on our screens, but in the meantime, it seems the other festive TV ads are causing quite a stir.

First of all, John Lewis – such a let down, guys – have kind of spilled the beans on their 2017 Christmas ad by releasing the toys featured in it into stores THREE WHOLE DAYS before the ad even appears on screen. So who dropped the ball on that, eh? Surely they’d have been marked on a shelf somewhere in the depths of the stockrooms “CHRISTMAS AD TOYS” with a hefty “DISPLAY AFTER [INSERT DATE]”? Tut, tut, some floor managers obvs didn’t make their store rounds that day then…

And then we get to the debacle of the latest Marks & Spencer Christmas ad. There seems to be confusion over what the robber, says to our cute little Paddington Bear.

So for those who’ve yet to watch this creative masterpiece, the general plot involves Paddington Bear disrupting the robber stealing all the kids presents, thinks he’s Santa, so our little bear decides to help him deliver those stolen presents to all the kids on Christmas Eve (kinda weirded out by the red stocking over the robber’s face but whatevs – I guess red makes him seem more Christmassy). At the end of the ad, Paddington pulls a sandwich out from under his hat and gives it to the robber – who he still thinks is Mr Claus – they have a cute little friendly hug and the robber says, “Thank you, little bear”.

So what’s the issue then, you might ask? Well it seems that some people don’t really think the robber is being such a nice guy giving back those gifts. They’ve misheard him JUST A BIT and thinks he’s actually saying, “F**k you, little bear”.

But lets be honest, would that REALLY make any sense? Poor little Paddington was just offering up some snacks after their laborious work, carrying around kids presents, and why would anyone say “F**k you” as a response to being given a sandwich?!

Not to mention, this ad is going to be played during prime time TV hours – where swearing can’t ACTUALLY be used.

So why don’t you watch the whole thing, ‘cause you know, Christmas, and see what you think…

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