One In Five Women Are Sexually Harassed At Work

sexual harassment at work
Workplace harassment is a very real issue (Shutterstock)

Most of us consider our workplaces somewhere we can thrive, achieve and feel safe while doing so, but new research shows that this isn’t always the case if you’re a woman.

A study by Opinium of 2,000 adults found that 20 per cent of women have experienced sexual harassment at work, but two thirds don’t feel able to report it to higher powers. However, when such incidents were reported, a third of cases were not acted upon by senior management, while 18 per cent were never even acknowledged at all.

Women often feel unable to report harassment (Shutterstock)

The survey also found that inequality at work doesn’t just stop at harassment — one in 10 of those questioned said they’d been denied a job or interview due to workplace sexism, while less than half felt that pay for men and women was equal in their company.

Despite sexual harassment and pay inequality being completely and utterly illegal, it still seems the UK has a long, long way to go when it comes to enforcing these laws. With recent reports finding that the average gender pay gap sits at £8,840, rising to a staggering £16,451 in London, women are still much more worse off than their male counterparts.

Last year, the government introduced laws that forces companies with over 250 employees to publish details of any pay inequality. But despite such efforts, very little has changed, and it’s now estimated that it’ll take until 2069 to achieve full pay equality if things continue at the current rate.

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