Disney Podcasts Are Coming And They Sound Magical

mickey and minnie mounse disneyland
Get ready for even more Disney goodness (Associated Press)

What would our lives be without the magic of Disney? There’d be no films to weep over, no princesses to adore, no super cute animal characters to warm our hearts and no tunes to blast out at midnight in an impromptu singing sesh. It basically sounds like no life at all.

Over 70 years since the first ever Walt Disney feature film was released, we’re still pretty obsessed with the production company and its enchanting tales of love, loss and acceptance. All it takes in one flick through our Spotify to see that we listen to the classics on a regular basis (c’mon, who doesn’t?!) – but soon we’ll have something else Disney-related to play through our headphones…

This week, the company announced a shiny new addition to its digital offering, bringing us the first ever official Disney podcast. Amazing or what?! The news was revealed at its annual NewFront presentation in New York, stating that Disney will launch at least one podcast this year, the first being called ‘Disney Backstage’.

Disney Backstage

The new format will delve deep into the creation of some of its most famous films, telling the tales behind the production of mega-famous movies such as The Lion King – a flick they nicknamed ‘Bambi in Africa’ before deciding on its final title, as revealed in the podcast’s teaser.

According to WWD, over 70 percent of Disney’s audiences are Millennials and Gen Z-ers, so this latest move feels like a great fit for its young, tech savvy fans.

But they’re not stopping there. Oh no. Disney will also be launching a cooking show aimed at millennials in conjunction with food and travel video network Tastemade, as well as a new e-commerce platform with a focus on fashion.

Basically, 2018 is going to be a fun-filled year of Disney, and we are here. for. it. 👏