Finally! ‘Nude’ Stilettos For Every Skin Tone – And They’re Under £25!

nude stilettos
M&S has shown its diversity once again

If you have a dark skin tone, you will understand the pain of trying to find nude stilettos or nude lingerie that actually matches your skin tone.

So you’ll be thrilled to hear that Marks & Spencer has launched some brand new court shoes that will extend to six different skin tones. About time.

There are six new shades in M&S

It’s taken a long time for the fashion and beauty industries to start taking notice of women.

It all actually began with foundation. After years of women reminding the beauty industry that there were hundreds of different skin colours, they finally listened up and started making foundation more varied.

Next, it was lingerie and tights. Wanted a nude bra or skin-coloured tights? There were plenty of options for pale skin tones, but it’s only very recently brands have started to create darker shades. Marks & Spencer being one of them.

But now the high-street brand has taken things one step further and introduced nude stilettos for loads more skin types. Finally!

nude stilettos
M&S has introduced courts suitable for six different skin tones

The store has launched ‘nude’ stilettos in six shades including light caramel, light pink, taupe, dark taupe, mocha and espresso which is an extension on their current offerings.

Skin-coloured shoes lengthen those pins, so it’s about time everyone had the opportunity to bag themselves a pair.

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The brand has launched them in two styles, a platform court and a pointed stiletto.

And the best bit? They’re all £25 or cheaper!

nude stiletto
This is the dark taupe shade

M&S has really been trying to diversify this year, launching skin tone underwear just recently, but earlier this year it also launched a plus size range that was stylish too.

Keep at it M&S and dare we ask – even more varied skin tones now please!

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