Brace Yourselves, Tech Lovers: There Will Be No iPhone 8

Girl iPhone
Photo by Annie Spratt

Each September, we gasp in bemusement at the snaking lines of people queuing out of Apple stores the UK over, desperate to get their tech-loving mitts on the latest iPhone release.

This year, however, things are going to a bit different. Rumour has it that there will be no iPhone 8 at all, ending years of Apple tradition.

According to Tech Radar, 2017 is the 10-year anniversary of the first ever iPhone release, and Apple are set to mark the event in a big way – perhaps with the release of the ominous-sounding iPhone X.

The Roman numeral for 10? So as not to completely abandoning the numerical pattern they’ve adhered to so religiously over the years? Probably.

But the design is set to be serious departure from the iPhones we’ve been used to tinkering on, too. Introducing the infinity pool of the mobile world, with a 5.8-inch wraparound screen with built in fingerprint detector, camera and earpiece built into it:

Photo from YouTube/ConceptsiPhone
Photo from YouTube/ConceptsiPhone

And no, there probably won’t be a ‘Home’ button, either.

Of course, this is all geekish speculation and internet trash talk at the moment, without any confirmation from the Apple camp. So we’ll just have to keep on waiting to see what they come up with. Roll on September.

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