Nike Are Embracing All Figures And We’re Loving It!


Nike has long been the go-to brand for sportswear needs, the case for most except those who require plus-size clothing.

Last summer, Nike released an image of plus-size model Paloma Elsesser on their Instagram page discussing size and fit of sports bras. It was refreshing to see another brand break down barriers when it comes to the fashion industry that has long been known for its partiality towards slimmer women and ask a plus-sized model to be part of its campaign. However, it seemed a little strange that they weren’t offering clothing and underwear made for the larger lady.

We applauded Nike for its inclusion of varying sized figures, but we were all left asking if they were being realistic. Their available sizing just didn’t match up. Alas of course, Nike clearly had plus sizes all over its radar and almost eight months on from the Instagram post, Nike has launched its new range. The clothing now includes 1x, 2x and 3x and its high impact bras go up to 38E.

Image: Nike

Plus-sized clothing ranges frequently  draw sighs of despair because they so often seem aimed at the older woman. But Nike knows how to impress. They have brought out everything from athleisure to high-impact sportswear in bright and neutral colours to ensure everyones’ needs are met in practical and fashionable terms. As Nike knows only too well, everyone dresses to impress when they hit the gym so their plus-size range had to match up and it does exactly that.

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We’re chuffed brands are starting to take the lead and embrace all figures. Finally people are understanding every body is worth celebrating, big or small.

Shop the collection here.