When High Fives Go Wrong: Nicole Richie Has Her Glasses Slapped Off

Nicole Richie

So, I actually really feel for ‘Talk Stoop’ host Cat Greenleaf here. As journalists, we’re kind of prone to making all sorts of gaffs.

In one particularly embarrassing moment, when I was interviewing the cast of ‘Gossip Girl’ for GLAMOUR, I stumbled onto a set with Chase Crawford. The lights were bright, the cameras were rolling, and I’d had one coffee too many.

Due to an overenthusiastic spate of gesticulation, I promptly knocked down the lighting rig. It fell just sort of Chase’s feet. To top it all off, after the interview was over and I was walking out, I tripped on a wire and went flying.

It’s a familiar rise of nausea I get from watching Cat’s response her poorly judged high five.

The presenter’s interview with Nicole Richie otherwise goes incredibly smoothly, until right at the very end, she goes for Richie’s hand, completely misses, and slaps her glasses off her face instead. And the look on Richie’s face is absolutely priceless.

Its not big, its not clever, but it is pretty funny. And if you’re anyone but Nicole or Cat, you will have to watch this several times.

Be prepared to cringe.

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